The Carr Brothers’ Crimes

In 2000 Reginald and Jonathan Carr, two men in their early 20s who already possessed lengthy criminal records, began a horrific crime spree in Wichita.


On the evening of Dec. 8, they car-jacked Andy Schreiber, a Wichita State assistant baseball coach and forced him in the back of his car, withdrew money with his ATM card from several banks, drove him to a remote location, threatened to shoot him, and then left him to walk.


On the evening of Dec. 11th, they followed and then trapped Ann Walenta in a cul-de-sac. As she tried to escape they shot her. She survived until Jan 2nd and then passed away leaving her husband and two children.


On the evening of December 14, they randomly selected a house to invade. Once inside, they held hostage the five friends who were there. The Carr brothers bound and detained the young adults and combed the house for valuables. Then the Carrs subjected the five victims – Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort, and a young women identified only as “H.G.” – to hours of torture. The Carr brothers forced their hostages to take off their clothes, repeatedly raped the women, and forced the men to engage in sexual acts with the women and the women with each other. After the assaults, the Carrs drove the five victims to ATMs to empty their bank accounts. Then, they took them to a snow-covered soccer field on the outskirts of town, where they shot all five young people execution-style and drove over them with Jason Befort’s truck.


H.G. survived the gunshot wound, so after the Carr brothers drove away, she walked naked for more than a mile in the snow and freezing-cold weather. She sought shelter and first aid at a house, and before getting medical treatment, H.G. reported the incident and gave descriptions of the Carrs to the couple who had taken her in.


The Carr brothers were captured the next day, after they had returned to the house to seek further valuables and to kill H.G.’s dog. Thanks to Andy Schreiber and H.G.’s testimony at trial supported by other eyewitnesses, Reginald and Jonathan Carr were convicted of nearly all the 113 counts against them, including kidnapping, beating, robbery, rape, and four counts of capital murder.