We are Kansans for Justice: a non-partisan group of concerned citizens not affiliated with any political party, coalition, or organization. As friends and family members of the Carr brothers’ victims, we share a horrific common history. In December 2000, the Carr brothers went on a two-week crime spree in Wichita which took the lives of five Kansans and left another person for dead. We seek justice and completion of the sentencing in this court case, as well as other death penalty cases like it.

We attended every moment of the original trial in 2002, as well as the 2013 Kansas Supreme Court appeals hearing, which resulted in their 2014 decision to overturn the death penalty convictions for the torture and murder of our loved ones. Kansans for Justice are regular Kansans – just like you – who watched in disbelief as this open and shut case was overturned on technicalities, forcing a re-trial.

You are not powerless. You can make a difference. We ask that Kansas voters help us by removing Kansas Supreme Court justices that do not follow their oath to uphold Kansas law.

Vote NO on the retention of Kansas Supreme Court Justices Lawton Nuss, Marla Luckert, Carol Beier, and Dan Biles.