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Injustice from our Justices. 

This November, vote No and remove Kansas Supreme Court Justices Lawton Nuss, Dan Biles, Carol Beier, and Marla Luckert from their positions.

Your Kansas Supreme Court justices are using their political beliefs to rule against sound court cases, when politics should have nothing to do with their rulings.  The only opportunity voters have to express their displeasure with these appointees is through periodic retention votes like the one on the ballot this November.  

In cases like that of the Carr brothers where evidence of guilt is overwhelming, your tax dollars are wasted when Kansas Supreme Court justices overturn jury verdicts, sending such cases back to a lower court to be retried—in this case, for at least two new trials.

Share this information with your friends and family to spread the word - we need every vote. This November, vote “NO” and remove the Kansas Supreme Court Justices. 47% of Kansans voted "NO" last time there was a vote on the justices, so Kansans are wanting change.    

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