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For Immediate Release

March 9th, 2016

Inquiries: Amy James, Spokesperson

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Tonight the Kansas Supreme Court is holding an open session to hear two cases at Topeka High School. We applaud the justices for holding this in the evening outside their normal building, since any exposure to their process helps Kansans better understand it. 

In Chief Justice Lawton Nuss's invitation from March 5th, he states that they must decide cases based on the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Kansas. However, in five different death penalty cases, they did not follow Kansas law and instead were reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court each time. This shows error in the Kansas Supreme Court decisions repeatedly.

It's an election year, and Chief Justice Nuss, along with Justice Dan Biles, Marla Luckert, and Carol Beier are all up for retention on November's ballot, so this is timely they choose to hold this event now. Five of the ten traveling events that have occurred or will be held take place during election years. We urge the justices to stay after the event and talk with the public directly, answer questions, and let everyone get to know them better.